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Our story

It began in 2012 with a couple minor league baseball players. The goal was simple, to help them succeed in getting to the next level, the big leagues. We wanted to provide them an opportunity to enhance and elevate their performance with better mobility techniques and recovery strategies. Session by session, their bodies responded tremendously well to our unique methods, as did their overall performance in the training room and on the field.


With every following off-season, more baseball players arrived. With every assessment, it was clear that no two athletes were alike. Their success depended on us to create an individualized training plan specific to their physical and mental responsibilities on the field. By creating these individualized plans for each athlete, we saw their ability to recover exponentially improve, and the chronic muscle and joint problems they previously dealt with quickly diminished. This ultimately allowed them to make bigger gains in their strength and conditioning programs.


Over the years, our methods have expanded to other professional sports, and the positive results have continued. As our approach evolves, we have been able to help Super Bowl champions, World Series champions, NBA champions, Olympic medalists, and collegiate national champions elevate their performance and recovery strategies to optimal levels on and off the field. 


Today, we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to serve athletes and active individuals of all levels in the local, national, and international communities. Whether our athletes need us at home or on the road, we are committed to providing a service that creates athletic sustainability and longevity for all our clients.  


Our story continues to be written, and with every successful athlete a chapter is added. As long as you want to perform at the highest level, thrive in your sport, and do what you love to do, our story will not end. We’ll be here to help.



The one thing that remains the same is that we approach every athlete differently. We will provide you with superior undivided attention to detail through 1-on-1 sessions in order to understand your lifestyle, mindset, and athletic goals. We know the demands of each sport and activities are different. Your body must be able to adapt to these demands as it changes over time. Through a comprehensive assessment process that looks at all joints, muscles, and nerves that may be contributing to the symptomatic area, we’ll identify exactly what your body needs to adapt and to continue to stay healthy and perform at the highest level.


Knowledge is key to physical and mental sustainability, longevity, and your overall success. We will empower you with the understanding of the cause of your symptoms, how our approach fits in to your specific needs in resolving the symptoms, details of all steps in your recovery process, and the most effective and efficient self-management strategies. Coaching and support does not stop when you leave our facility. As you progress through these steps and questions arise, you will always have a direct line of communication to us 24/7.


Clinicians are not created equal. Manual Therapists are not created equal. Your health and performance should not be negotiated for anything less than the highest level of expertise and specialization. You will only work with Fellowship Trained Manual Therapists at IARSM. These clinicians have reached the pinnacle of training in the physical therapy profession. They possess a superior understanding of human physiology, human biomechanics, and the most advanced techniques in sports therapy. This ensures that you return back to doing what you love to do much faster, and enjoy what you love to do much longer.  To complete the circle of therapy, sustain high performance, and prevent re-injury, we provide all our clientele access to the best sports performance coaches, recovery specialists, and sports dietitians in the market with our most trusted partners at Fairchild Sports Performance. 

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